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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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is not one today, but i would object to moving forward or having the meeting at all or the commission taking any action without a court reporter. >> mr. wagner, there is no requirement that there is a court reporter at any proceeding. this was a proceeding to ratify the decisions already made. your objection is noted. >> i would also note for the record if that was going to be an objection, it should have been made before the meeting started or when the meeting started, so the commission if they thought was merit to could have corrected it. >> thank you, commissioner renne and to that, we were not notified there was not going to be any court reporter and i just noticed in the last ten minutes. i just assume there had would be, because there has been one at all the other meetings and that is why respectfully i raised the issue now. thank you. >> with respect to the minutes, i have some amendments.
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subsequent to the april 23rd meeting we essentially had one continuing meeting up until august 16th. so when the minutes reflect starting on may 29th, motions that were voted on and passed, i think that is inaccurate. i think we made preliminary motions or preliminary decisions to be later ratified when a motion -- when the motion was made on august 16th. so i think the minutes need to reflect that in every place, where we did not make an official motion, but made a preliminary motion. that may have begun on june 19th. i'm not off the top of my head
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remembering exactly when we started the continuing motion, but if the staff could ensure those corrections are made, i would appreciate it. are there other changes to the minutes that were prepared for this matter? give the parties a chance to weigh in.,1wnnp$ >> peter keith for the mayor. we had submitted some changes to the minutes directly and they appear to have been included. we have no further changes. >> mr. wagner? >> no changes, thank you. >> commissioners? public comment on this matter?
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>> patrick -- i'm surprised in the minutes that you are about to adopt that you didn't note that it is customary in court orders to include motions that are sustained and motions that are denied by the court and to that except i think david wagner was absolutely correct ten minutes ago when he recommended to you that the summary report that you are giving to the board of supervisors should specifically state what you denied in finding regarding the mayor's charges. and to that extent, your previous minutes should have alerted the public that you were going to get to the point
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that you weren't going to include in the recommendation going to the board of supervisors what you threw out because most courts will tell you what they sustained and what they denied. you should have told us about that in your earlier meetings. it's the kind of unethical behavior that san franciscans have grown accustomed to seeing from this ethical body. >> three minute intervals, how great. still paula caney and now i'm not talking as me. i am talking as eliana's lawyer and what she is question me to communicate to each of you is her dismay of the commission's finding that
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her testimony was not credible. i know that you each have reasons why you are going to say that. but my client wants you to know that you are flat out wrong. and that what she said to you and what she testified to at this hearing in her heart of hearts is her truth. and that granted mr. wagner and another made a decision not to cross-examine ivy wilson, but in terms of how you view her testimony leer being uncredible, she is upset and frankly as her attorney, i'm upset. you took a snippet of what you want to see and i'm worried that that is what it is is that rather than view something as true, the same with your
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dismissal of linnette peralta. and it has to be that elaina is not credible to sustain your findings here. as far the whole attorney-client privilege, i'm not eliana's first attorney. sheryl wallace was, but you have to know the first time sheryl ballas had contact with the police, within a day and a half of the video being taken from -- ivory madison, miss wallace asserted it's an attorney-client privilege and i know some of you are lawyers and in terms of attorney-client stuff i have tons of people tell me stuff that i would not disclose to somebody.
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it's the belief that i tell somebody something in confidence and if you are going to believe the video, you need to also believe that the only reason eliana made that video was to be used in a custody dispute, not to report anything other than she was afraid that she would lose theo. you also have to remember that at that time she hadn't received her paperwork from ice yet and there were concerns and anybody who is not an american citizen has to worry about ice in this day and age and what is going to happen. that is my three minutes. >> is there a motion to approve the minutes that we have identified? >> so moved. >> is there a second? >> second. >> all in favor?
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>> aye. >> opposed? hearing none, the motion passes, ÷$wnn amendments. that being the last item on the agenda, the meeting is adjourned. >> commissioner hur, i submitted a request for the commission -- >> hold on. hold on.
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>> i submitted a request to the commission yesterday asking to you delay delivering the record to the board of supervisors until such time as the board may consider the case after the november 6th election due to the political pressure on each member of the board. did you receive that and are you going to take aside that question? >> i have received it. i think was it sent to all the commissioners? i believe it was. my understanding is that a decision like that has been delegated to the chair. if any commissioner feels it should be a decision rendered by the commission, perhaps we should calendar it for another meeting. it strikes me as the sort of procedural type of issue that you all have delegated to me, but if i have that incorrect, i suggest that we calendar it for
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a meeting in the near future. does any commissioner object? does any commissioner believe that that authority was not delegated to the chair to adjudicate a request such as provided? |ái decided forth worth. >> wagner. >> wagner, i apologize. >> although i'm honored. [ laughter ] >> one final question i have for you, there was a legal analysis of this case that was submitted and i just wanted to confirm you have received it? i can't be more specific really because it was submitted anonymously, but i felt quite compelling and i believe it was conveyed to mr. emblig and make sure it's a part of the record?
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>> well, >> well, one thing i want to say about submissions that come in, if parties make submissions we may consider them, we may ignore them. they will likely be part of the record in any event. when people who are not parties or witnesses to the commission submit things, it's not part of the record. we may or may not read them. we certainly have no requirement to read them. a lot of us are curious and do read them and maybe don't, but one thing is clear it will not be part of the record. i think things that are sent to mr. emblig are typically forwarded to us. if that was your question. >> thank you, commission. >> anything else from the parties? from the commissioners? okay. the meeting is adjourned.
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i'm derek, i'm hyungry, and ready to eat. these vendors offer a variety of the streets near you. these mobile restaurants are serving up original, creative and unusual combinations. you can grab something simple like a grilled cheese sandwich or something unique like curry. we areher here in the average
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eight -- upper haight. you will be competing in the quick buy food challenge. an appetizer and if you are the winner you will get the title of the quitck bite "chompion." i am here with matt cohen, from off the grid. >> we assembled trucks and put them into a really unique heurban settings. >> what inspired you to start off the grid?
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>> i was helping people lodge mobile food trucks. the work asking for what can we get -- part together? we started our first location and then from there we expanded locations. >> why do think food trucks have grown? >> i have gotten popular because the high cost of starting a brick and mortar or strong, the rise of social media, trucks can be easily located, and food trucks to offer a unique outdoor experience that is not easily replaced by any of their setting any worlwhere else in san franc. san francisco eaters are interested in cuisine. there adventuress. the fact theyuse grea use great
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ingredients and make gourmet food makes unpopular. >> i have been dying to have these. >> i have had that roach coach experience. it is great they're making food they can trust. >> have you decided? >> we are in the thick of the competition? >> my game was thrown off because they pulled out of my first appetizer choice. >> how we going to crush clear? >> it will be easy. probably everyone has tried, something bacon tell us delicious. >> -- people tell us is
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delicious. >> hopefully you think the same thing. >> hopefully i am going to win. we're in the financial district. there is a food truck right there. every day changes. it is easy and fun to go down. these are going to be really good. >> how are you going to dominate? >> i think he does not know what he is doing. >> i was thinking of doing [unintelligible] we are underrepresented. >> i was singing of starting an irish pub. that was my idea. >> one our biggest is the corned beef and cabbage. we are asking people what they're thinking in getting some feedback. >> for a lot of people i am sure
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this combination looks very wrong. it might not sound right on paper but when you taste it to or have it in your mouth, it is a variety. this is one of the best ways in creating community. people gather around and talk about it and get to know different cultures. that brings people together and i hope more off the grid style and people can mingle and interact and remove all our differences and work on our similarities. this creates opportunity. >> the time has come and i am very hungry. what have you got? >> i got this from on the go, a sandwich, and a caramel cupcake. i went with home cooking.
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what de think? >> i will have another bite. >> sounds good. >> that was fantastic. let's start with you. >> i had the fried mac and cheese, and twinkies. i wanted to get something kind of classic with a twist on it. >> it was crispy. >> i will admit. >> want to try fieried mac and cheese? >> was that the best twinkie? >> would you say you had the
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winning male? >> definitely. >> no. >> you are the "chompion." clair has won. you are the first "chompion." >> they know it iwas me because i got a free meal. and check a map on -- check them out on facebook. take a peek at the stuff we have cut. to get our -- check out our blog. i will have because we have a great waste water system here in san francisco, we do about 80
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million gallons of waste water here in san francisco, which means we basically fill up 120 olympic sized swimming pools each and every day here in the city. we protect public health and safety and environment because we are discharging into the bay and into the ocean. this is essentially the first treatment here at our waste water treatment facility. what we do is slow down the water so that things either settle to the bottom or float to the top. you see we have a nice selection of things floating around there, things from bubble gum wrappers, toilet paper, whatever you dump down the toilet, whatever gets into our storm drains, that's what gets into our waste water treatment and we have to clean. >> see these chains here, this keeps scum from building up. >> on this end in the liquid end basically we're just trying to produce a good water product
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that doesn't negatively impact the receiving water so that we have recreation and no bad impact on fish and aquatic life. solids is what's happening. . >> by sludge, what exactly do you mean? is that the actual technical term? . >> it's a technical term and it's used in a lot of different ways, but this is organic sewage sludge. basically what it is is, oh, maybe things that come out of your garbage disposal, things that are fecal in nature. it's sludge left in the water after the primary treatment, then we blend those two over and send them over to digestion. this building is built to replace tanks here that were so
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odoriferous they would curl your hair. we built this as an interim process. >> is there a coagulant introduced somewhere in the middle of this? . >> this coagulant brings solids together and lets the water run through. that gives us more time in the digestion process, more time to reduce the amount of solids. these are the biggest ones in the world, like we always like to do in san francisco. they are 4 meter, there's none like it in the world. >> really? wow. >> three meters, usually. we got the biggest, if not the best. so here we are. look at that baby hum. river of sludge. >> one of the things is we use bacteria that's common in our own guts to create this
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reduction. it's like an extra digestion. one of the things we have to do to facilitate that is heat that sludge up and keep it at the temperature our body likes, 98.6 degrees. >> so what we have here is the heat exchanger for digester no. 6. these clog up with debris and we're coming in to -- next wet weather season so we always come through here, clean them out, make sure that we get maximum heat exchange during the colder wet weather. sludge season. >> rubber glove. >> right here. >> rubber glove, excellent. all right, guys. >> thank you. >> good luck. >> this is the full on hazmat. . >> residual liquid. we're taking it time to let it
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drain. we don't want to get sludge on it necessarily. take your time. stand on the side of it. . >> should we let it release for a while? . >> let it release. >> is that the technical term? . >> this is the most important bolt on the whole thing. this is the locking bolt. it locks this thing right in place. so now. >> take your hammer and what we want to do, we get rag build up right in here. the hot water recirculates right in here, the sludge recirculates in here. the sludge sometimes has rags in it. all we want to do is go around the clean the rags. let me show you how. take the slide hammer, go all the way through the back, go
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around. >> got you. >> during the real rainy season, how does that change the way dealing with this job? is it a lot more stuff in there? . >> what we do, charles, we do this quarterly. every four months we go around and clean all the heat exchangers so we don't have a large build up. . >> go around? . >> yeah. (sound of hammering). >> what i'm trying to do, charles, is always pull it out on the low stroke. >> right. so you are not, like, flying
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out. now talk about clean up. . >> then where does this stuff get deposited? . >> we're going to dump it in a debris box and it will go back to the plant. >> if you think back, the romans came up with a system of plumbing that allowed us it use water to transport waste away from the hub of civilization, which enabled cities to grow. . >> you have a large bowl, a drive motor and another motor with a planetary gearbox with differential pressure inside there. the large mass up there spinning separating the solids from the liquid. we have to prevent about once a month, we go in there grease those, change the oil, check
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the vibration levels. the operators can tell just by the hum of that machine that it's a harmonic noise emitted that it's out of balance and the machine needs to be cleaned. it will start vibrating and we have vibration analysis machines that will come over here and check the levels. so it's kind of an on-going thing that you have to stay on top of on a daily basis. >> handled properly, you take organic residuals, as we call them, that are leftovers of our society and turn them back into some energy. and we have another ability to take that sludge and get a nutrient value for crops there. we actually are running a kind of composting energy recovery system.
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>> well, this is a dirty job. we try to do it safely and we try to do it without imposing too much on the public. people want to flush their toilets and have things go away and not be bothersome again. we do a lot to try to accomplish that. i'd like to invite you to come back any time you want. once you got this in your blood, you are not going to be able to stay away. the raging waters are fun and when we do digester cleaning i really hope you can come back. that's quite a sight. >> yeah, that sounds interesting. >> i really appreciate you coming by and it was a
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. >> it is my pleasure to introduce our moderator this evening, cheryl jennings.


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